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CLICK HERE to see images of our performance with BADBADNOTGOOD at the iconic Massey Hall as part of Red Bull Sound Select's #3DaysinTO.

KDFC's The State of the Arts with Jeffrey Freymann, Barbara Fritz Chamber Music Award and concert at the Berkeley Piano Club.

Their Beethoven was replete with phrased nuance from first to last cadence, and spiky rhythmic energy saturated by the performance virtues of youthful exuberance, yet with carefully adjusted tone at remote key modulations.

Thalea never lacks in freshness of ideas – and they sought ways to shape their interpretive thinking, showing promise in how to martial their overall plan...

...the quartet is still growing and has the potential to be one of the finest of its generation.
— Stephan Bonfield, Calgary Herald
Here was certainly technically proficient fugal playing...

Thalea Quartet was in pervasive command...

They showed a keen sense in particular of the polytonal passages found in the third movement, eloquently intoned by second violinist Kumiko Sakamoto whose contrasting melody line blended perfectly with the fine work in lower strings, who played in a contrapuntally contrasting, completely different key.

...Thalea never failed to deliver a stirring performance.

The last movement showed an uncanny comprehension for the traditional rondo’s semi-lighthearted character, with full kudos to violist Luis Bellorin who displayed exemplary tone throughout.
— Stephan Bonfield, Calgary Herald
Please accept my humble thanks for your spectacular performance in Medicine Hat, Alberta. I have seldom experienced such committed, unified interpretations. As a cellist I was very appreciative of the superb co-ordination and masterful bow work demonstrated in each work. As a music lover, I reveled in the emotional spectrum you have at your constant disposal. As a performer, I marveled at the power you held over a deservedly rapt audience in moments of drama as well as expanses of dire austerity. I feel privileged to have heard you. I look forward to other occasions and make a personal plea that you address Luigi Nono’s Fragments and one of the marvelous Goffredo Petrassi quartets. May you continue to prosper and grow; the world of chamber music welcomes you.
— Robert Bardston, cellist

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